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Open letter

Dear Valued customers,

With the longing for a prosperous and shining Vietnam, we have started our career from the smallest thing – screws. We learn to tighten a screw in the right manner with the right technical specifications. From these simple things, we have gone further than we could and conquer big goals.

The belief in a brighter future and Vietnam- Asia’s shining star has united us, fulfilled our dreams, and overcome many hardships and difficulties. Over fifteen years of development, we have achieved some outstanding achievements. Firstly, we have a large number of employees who are experienced, close-knit, and professional. Additionally, we have mastered the construction and installation of many large-scale and high-tech projects.

We share the same belief and stick to our ideals, driving us forward steadfastly. We are honored to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers and partner. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and happiness of TTSC company. Sincerely yours,

Chief Executive Office