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Thank you for your interest in the recruitment information and are on the journey to join the TTSC team! With a transparent and objective recruitment perspective, respect for candidates, and identify people as an important resource of the organization Organizations, T.T.S.C always focuses on connecting and finding qualified and culturally appropriate personnel to jointly realize the vision of becoming the leading technical construction contractor in Vietnam and reaching the international level. .


The company receives CVs through job websites, company websites:, messages via Fanpage of T.T.S.C Joint Stock Company or receives CVs via email address: under the subject: Position applied for - Last name Name.


The company conducts CV filtering according to the standards of each vacancy, suitable CVs will be contacted for an interview after up to 7 days from the date of receipt of CV. In case the CV is not suitable, the company will reply by email to the candidate after up to 15 days.


The interview was held in one round in the form of face-to-face or online. Depending on the position, the company may interview many times. Interview results will be emailed to candidates by the company within 07 days from the date of interview.


Trial once with a job position, the probationary period for all positions does not exceed 60 days with a salary of at least 85% of the job's salary Before the end of the probationary period, the company will notify about the outcome probationary results to personnel.

Sign official contract

Based on the probation results, the company and the employee sign a labor contract if the probation is satisfactory. The employee participates in social insurance with the company after signing the labor contract.

HR policies

T.T.S.C Joint Stock Company believes that the human resource policy system plays an important role in retaining and promoting the motivation of employees. Therefore, the system of human resource policies is built on the following principles: transparency of information, respect for people, harmonization of the interests of the company and employees, and helping employees create value for themselves. , for the company.

Work environment

T.T.S.C focuses on fully equipping tools, safety equipment, and good working conditions for employees to complete their work. Building a transparent, professional and dynamic working environment to create favorable conditions for employees to promote their own capacity, and at the same time create an atmosphere of happiness, openness, balance personal life and work.

Intensive training

Training is a continuous journey throughout the development of the business- Training for the present: + Integration training: Applied when employees start joining the company to understand the culture, history of the company. successful, grasp the regulations, policies..+ Training by OJT method: The former mentors and guides the latter in professional content, knowledge, skills... for the job, After completing the job Both trainers and trainees are granted training certificates.- Training for the future: + Training to update new skills, knowledge, new technologies and techniques to help employees confidently complete job + Inheritance training for employees to advance to new positions at work, ensuring that when accepting a new position, personnel has a standard competency framework to work.

Compensation system

- Salary policy: According to the contribution value of the job position in the organization, according to the capacity and performance of the individual : Allowance for meals, house rent, support away from home, responsibility, gas, phone, seniority...- Bonus policy: According to the company's business results and personnel's contribution- Welfare system : Participating in compulsory social insurance in accordance with the law and the company, Accident insurance for positions at construction sites, positions with high job risks, Annual leave in accordance with the law, participating in the Trade Union, the modes of hospitality, birthdays, vacation travel, sports, intensive training programs, flexible working time...

Career Path and Achievement Recognition

- With the internal promotion strategy, the company builds a career path for each position to accompany employees on their career path- Achievement recognition programs are built on the basis of effectiveness. results and contributions of employees. Those contributions are recognized by the company with meaningful material and spiritual rewards.

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