ROLEX creates superior manufacturing

Rolex’s international headquarters is home to the management, research and development team, design, media operations, sales and after-sales service. This is also where the finished versions of the watches are sent throughout the remaining three branches for final quality checks.

The Plan-les-Ouates division is responsible for the development and manufacture of watch cases and bracelets, from gold casting and shaping of raw materials to mechanical engineering, polishing and detailing. Made up of six wing-shaped buildings, linked through a central axis, this is Rolex’s largest venue. This is the same mechanical workshop where Rolex creates the 18 ct yellow gold alloy for its watches in yellow gold, white gold and Everose gold – the signature rose gold alloy created by Rolex.

The Bienne branch is the factory that manufactures Rolex movements. More than 2,000 members are attached to this factory and assemble the hundreds of parts that make up Rolex watch movements. Parts, almost all of which are small in size but complex in shape, are manufactured with great precision, with errors only per microunit. That rigorous process makes 100% of Rolex movements fully meet the standards of COSC (Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute). The watch movement is completely assembled by hand by experienced, professional mechanics and watchmakers.

Rolex’s Chêne-Bourg branch is home to the development and production of dials, as well as gemmology and jewel-engraving operations. This is the face of Rolex watches, where exquisite timepieces are created through the magical fusion of high technology and through the renowned hands of experienced dial makers.

Theo Forbes